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Product overview

Returnable Steel Rack

This rack has the advantage of recycling use for up to five years. We use Galvanized materials to make sure best protection to your goods under harsh environment. With our lightweight design, your operation would be an enjoyable process during packing, unpacking and recycling usage. It provides the most cost effective solution in the long run.

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Expendable Steel Rack

For one time use or temporary storage, Expendable Steel Rack (or ESR) is no doubt your best choice. Again, we offer lightweight but strong structure racks to meet your cost down requirement. You can purchase as per your minimum demand. No need to worry about repairing or recycling problems. You can even gain from scrapping after usage to further lower your total cost.

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In-house Rack

Our durable and well designed in-house racks are your best companions during work. What ever you need, we can have a proper one to meet your demand. Our flexible and easy use mechanism efficienly imporve your operation in production line.

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Motorcycle Rack

Newly finished motorcycles could be fragile during transportation. They need well protection before handing over customers. Our special designed motocycle racks will help you to accomplish mission without failure.

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Other Customized Rack

Autoconsol team has much experience in cooperating with customers to develop tailored made racks according to their special requirement. Our state-of-the-art service guarantee your most critical demand can be fulfilled on time.

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Steel Pallet

Our steel racks have a lot of advantages, including strong in structure, easy to clean, water and fire proof. They are excellent for car, food, beverage and electronic industries. Furthermore, they need very low maintenance while the residual scrap value is high. Conclude above, it is a good replacement for wooden and plastic pallets. Also a smart choice for you.

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